We help small businesses and sales teams save time, organize, and automate sales.

Save Time. Do More. Grow.

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Automation Solutions
for Insurance Agencies

Save Time. Do More. Grow.

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What does automation really do for your business?

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Take your
business from this…

  • Manual follow up
  • No defined process
  • Can’t see where our prospects are
  • Reactive
  • Clients don’t hear from us

  • No Cross-selling

To this!

  • Empowered Agents
  • Trackable, Scalable Processes

  • Complete Visibility

  • Proactive Communication

  • Google Reviews

  • Targeted Cross-Selling

Your Sales Pipeline. Automated.

Our automated sales systems give you confidence and control over what’s happening in your sales pipeline. We provide the strategy, the tools, and the content you need to turn your sales into a scalable machine.

  • Instant contact with new leads

  • Schedule appointments without all the back and forth
  • Follow up is no longer a problem
  • Never lose track of a lead again
  • The whole package, done for you
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Sales Automation

Empower your sales team with automated follow up. Save time and improve sales with a trackable sales system that guarantees prospects will never “slip through the cracks.”

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Client Marketing

Be proactive with a Client Marketing System that will onboard new clients, nurture them over time, and cross sell the right product to the right client at the right time.

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Track Your Sales Team

Owners and managers need to see what’s happening in sales. No more guessing games.

  • See every agent’s pipeline and tasks.
  • Reports on sales, and actions that lead to sales
  • See the data. Make decisions.
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Automation Success Plan

Every Journey Needs a Roadmap. Download our Automation Success Plan and pack your bags.

Check out our FREE Resources to help you succeed on your journey with automation.

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“Capsule Five had a plan and we just went with it. Now our office is way more efficient and we’re communicating with our prospects and clients in a way we didn’t even think was possible.”

“From sales to service to renewals, automation is a critical part of everything we do. After working with Capsule Five, I don’t have to wonder if things are getting done. I know they are and I couldn’t imagine running my business any other way.”

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